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What to Expect

Is this your first time to Ideal Massage? Or maybe it's your first time experiencing the relaxing benefits of massage? Here is what you can expect from us and a few tips to help you enjoy the experience.

Before my appointment


If you have never had a massage before, or simply trying us out for the first time, here is a look at what you can expect from your experience regardless of which location you visit. 

It's important during your service that your therapist is able to gauge the condition your body is in and you are able to communicate when something feels right or wrong. To make sure nothing interferes with this process, it is imperative that you avoid taking some medications. Check out our Q&A below for what medications to avoid before your appointment.


Our front desk staff will greet you and make sure everything is ready for your appointment. Your therapist will come greet you when they are ready to take you back.

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