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Meet The Lutz Team

Established 2014

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We have proudly served the Lutz area for nearly 10 years. During that time our team has changed, but our values and quality of service have remained the same. We are thankful to have therapists who genuinely care about the health and wellness of our clients.

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Estela Rodriguez

Licensed Massage Therapist, MA62040

Estela graduated from the Cortiva Institute of Massage in 2010 and joined the Ideal Team at Lutz in 2022. Estela is passionate about helping people experience relief from pain. Her training and lived experience of over a decade has allowed her a diverse and effective skill set. She specializes in Myofascial release, Neuromuscular massage and the use of Trigger points. She has a background in Cranial Sacral techniques as well as in depth aromatherapy application. 

Estela is a great therapist for clients seeking therapeutic or relaxation and enjoy medium to heavy pressure. 

Estela is fluent in Spanish as well as English. 

Kellie B.png

Kellie Byrne

Licensed Massage Therapist, MA97379

Kellie is a thoughtful massage therapist who graduated from Bene's Career Academy in 2021 and joined the Ideal Team the same year. Kellie is interested in holistic healing and discovered massage therapy as a natural and historically old form of medicine. Her interest in the field has continued to feed her skills.

Kellie is trained in a variety of techniques offering Relaxation and Therapeutic techniques. She was recently trained in Thai Floor massage and will be adding that to her available services shortly. Kellie offers scrubs as well as our CBD gel therapy. 

Kellie is a great therapist for clients wanting to experience light-heavy pressure.

Jill F.png

Jill Farrington

Licensed Massage Therapist, MA95652

Jill is a kind hearted and generous therapist who graduated from the Altierus Career College of Tampa in 2020. She has been a quintessential member of the Ideal Team since 2021. Jill discovered her passion for massage and alternative healing after many years in the stressful life of a retail manager. She per sued her interest in massage to help encourage others to make self care a priority rather than a luxury. 

Jill is has specialized her skills in Reiki and Reflexology in addition to relaxation and therapeutic techniques. Jill also offers several add-on services, including scrubs, Infra-Red Light  and CBD gel therapies. 

Jill is a great therapist for clients seeking light to medium pressure as well as the use of trigger point therapy and passive resistance. 

Lacy Q.png

Lacy Quick

Licensed Massage Therapist, MA61760

Lacy graduated from the Cortiva Institute in 2008 and joined the Ideal Team in 2020 and has been a client favorite ever since. Lacy describes massage as being her life passion and not just a career. She genuinely enjoys helping others heal and discovering pain relief. 

Lacy is certified in several modalities such as massage for headache and stress, Hot Stone, Prenatal, Myofascial, Medical / Therapeutic, CBD Gel Therapy, Deep Tissue Table Thai, Sports & Scrubs. Her knowledge and training has added to her skill and flexibility in treating specific kinds of pain. She is often compelled to provide additional at home care techniques to assist clients even when they can't see her. 

Lacy is a great therapist for clients seeking Relaxation and/or Therapeutic massage with light to medium pressure

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Michael Lanier

Licensed Massage Therapist, MA90055

Michael is a calming presence and is skilled at providing Relaxation and therapeutic work. Michael has been with Ideal Massage since 2018 after graduating from Virginia college in 2016. His thoughtful skill and medium pressure allows for a deeply relaxing experience. Michael specializes in therapeutic work of the thoracic area, i.e the neck, shoulders, and upper-mid back. He utilizes a variety of deep tissue techniques including trigger point therapies. 
Michael offers Medical/Therapeutic massage, Couples massage, Prenatal Massage, Hot stone Massage and some scrub services. 
Michael is a great provider for clients seeking either Relaxation or Therapeutic massage with medium pressure. 

Mandi Williams website picture.png

Mandi Williams

Licensed Massage Therapist, MA100523

Mandi has been License Massage Therapist since 2009.  She is certified in Swedish/Relaxation, Myofascial and Neuromuscular, Prenatal, TMJ, Couples. Mandi is driven to know her clients and offer a personalized experience. She particularly enjoys providing medical and therapeutic services where she can hyper-focus on alleviating pain and offering long-term relief over multiple sessions. Mandi is a great fit for clients seeking Light to Medium pressure and in need of therapeutic work.

Nyxi H.png

Nyxi Huber

Licensed Massage Therapist, MA92832

Nyxi is a compassionate therapist with a desire to create a safe environment for members of the LGBTQ+ community. She graduated from Suncoast Academy in 2019 as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Licensed Esthetician.  She has been with Ideal massage since 2020. Nyxi provides a unique experience with a combination of tools and modalities to create a truly therapeutic experience. She is known for her use of Lomi Lomi techniques as well as trigger point therapy.
Nyxi provides many services including: Relaxation massage, Therapeutic massage, Couples massage, Prenatal massage, Hot Stone massage, Cupping therapy, Red Light Therapy, CBD massage, Table Thai massage, Cold Stone Face massage and scrubs.
Nyxi is a great provider for clients seeking heavy pressure, therapeutic techniques and/or the use of tools such as bamboo, gua shua and more.

hayley K.png

Hayley Kourtellis

Licensed Massage Therapist, MA71850

Hayley graduated from the Cortiva Institute of Florida in 2012 and joined the Ideal Team in 2022. Hayley has experience in the medical field and has an interest in helping individuals manage healthy living through regular massage treatment. Her background and education allow her to identify areas of dysfunction and implement protocols to treat those dysfunctions. 

Hayley has additionally specialized herself in Prenatal and Infant/Pediatric massage- providing her with additional expertise in the treatment of youth and adolescents. 

Hayley is a great therapist for clients seeking therapeutic services with light to heavy pressures. She utilizes passive resistance, trigger point therapy, myofascial release and other techniques. 

This therapist may have limited to no availability and may not be available in online booking. For assistance, please call (813)609-0444.

Hannah C.png

Hannah Chase

Licensed Massage Therapist, MA90257

Hannah is a compassionate and thoughtful massage therapist with a desire to help clients achieve their relaxation goals. She offers Light touch Massage, Relaxation massage, Couples massage and Lymphatic massage. 
Hannah is a great therapist for clients seeking Relaxation techniques and light to medium pressure.



This therapist currently has limited availability and may not be available in online booking. To book an appointment with Hayley please call (813)609-0444 

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