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Cold Stone Face Massage Therapy

30 Minute Sessions now available!


Great for

  • Sinus Tension Relief

  • Headaches / Migraines

  • Good for TMJ

  •  Boost Circulation


  • Soothes irritation


  • Alleviation of swelling


  • Help decrease high blood pressure


  • Anxiety /Depression


One of the benefits of cold stone massage is that it can provide a deep state of relaxation, a release of tension, as well as, a reduction of swelling and inflammation due to scar tissue, trauma or injuries to muscles.

Marble is used for cool stones because it’s less dense than the stones and can easily remove heat from the body.Cold marble massage stones are also known for helping to alleviate:

  • Anxiety/Depression
    Stones that are cold help the mind to focus on the body and what it is experiencing rather than the mental/stress issues of life.PMS
    Stones are placed on the abdomen and/or on the back to help alleviate pain, bloating and swelling associated with a menstruation

  • Sinusitis
    Cold stones are placed on the face (or on a cloth that is on the face to prevent skin damage) to help reduce congestion and nasal swelling

  • High Blood Pressure (with Increased Circulation)
    When cold marble stones are placed in certain positions on the body, blood circulation increases and high blood pressure can decrease

  • Energy
    By relieving bloating, inflammation and swelling, and therefore increasing circulation, other benefits of this therapy is an increase energy levels and stamina

Marble massage stones are metamorphosed limestone that is white or light in color and formed beneath the seabed. Physically, it’s thought that another of the benefits of cold stone massage using marble improves the processing of calcium in the body, stimulates the metabolism, fortifies immunity, and encourages the healing of tissue and bone.

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