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Client Rights and Policies

Client Rights

  • The client has the right to end a session early if they feel uncomfortable.

  • The client has the right to information and privacy regarding their massage treatments as defined under HIPAA.

  • The client has the right to being treated with dignity and respect.

  • The client has the right to ask questions of and to communicate with their therapist regarding treatment. 

  • The client has the right to undress to their comfort level- there is no expectation that the client be completely unclothed during their session unless they wish to be. 

  • The client has the right to a safe environment.

Client Policies


CONSENT FORMS- Ideal massage requires consent forms (also known as Intake form) prior to service being rendered of ALL clients. A consent form is made invalid after 12 months and must be completed again before future services are rendered. A client’s refusal to complete a consent form will result in our inability to provide service to the client. 


NOTE: Massage is a medical form of therapy/treatment and thus has risks depending on the health of the individual receiving service. Even individuals without health risks may experience discomfort or adverse outcomes from certain types of massage techniques, and thus we are required to collect some medical history and the client’s consent to complete the service. All LMTs are subject to HIPAA regulations and are required to secure individual client information. In addition, they are required to “Do No Harm”- giving them the right to refuse service if they believe there to be significant risk to the client. 


CANCELLATIONS- Life happens and cancellations are a common occurrence. Cancellations may be a result of client availability OR therapist availability. In the event of a need for cancellation, either party (client or therapist) will contact the other party to notify of cancellation.

LATE CANCELLATIONS- In the event that a client cancels an appointment within 6 hours of the scheduled appointment time, the cancellation will be considered late and will be subject to a cancellation fee defined below. 

In the event that a therapist must cancel within 6 hours of the scheduled appointment time, Ideal Massage will notify the client and work to accommodate the client within reason. 

NO CALL/NO SHOW- In the event the client fails to cancel the appointment and does not arrive at the scheduled time, a fee (below) will be charged to the client based on the length of service. 


NOTE: Ideal Massage has the right to block clients from online booking if there are frequent Late cancellations and or No call no shows. Ideal massage will block clients from online booking in the event of two no call no shows within a 3 month period. Clients blocked from online booking may call or email the office for an appointment and may be subject to a booking fee. 

FEES- Fees are charged to clients in accordance with the policies outlined above. In the event a fee is charged, the fee is charged at a partial rate of the original service price as listed below. 

30 minute massage = $20 fee

45 minute massage = $30 fee

60 minute massage = $40 fee

75 minute massage = $50 fee

90 minute massage = $60 fee

2 hour massage = $80 fee

*Please note that Late cancellations/No show fees for Elevated Services will vary*

We recognize that no one is perfect and there are circumstances that are out of your control (sudden illness, family emergencies, etc.) We may make a one time exception to the above policy on those rare occasions.


LATE ARRIVAL- If a client arrives late to the appointment, it is at the therapists’ discretion whether or not the client is charged for the full length of service or not. It is also at the therapists’ discretion to move or extend the length of the appointment to accommodate the service. 

We ask, whenever possible, that the client attempt to call or notify the office in advance to notify the therapist of a late arrival. The Front Desk Team will attempt to reach out to the client at 10 minutes past the start of the appointment if the client has not made contact. 


SESSION ENDING EARLY- Both the therapist and the client have the right to end the session early for various reasons. It is at the discretion of Ideal Massage and the Therapist as to what steps will be taken regarding payment based on the circumstances of the session end. 


APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR- What to expect as a client- As Licensed Massage Therapists it is expected that LMT’s provide a safe and comforting environment for their clients. Below are a list of appropriate behaviors that a client should expect during their session:

  • Start with a conversation- Sessions with a new client should begin with a brief one-on-one conversation between the therapist and client where the therapist verifies the service, the client preferences, and also client health concerns. 

  • Undressing- The therapist will ask the client to undress to the CLIENT’s comfort level.

  • Draping- throughout the massage the therapist will use strategic draping techniques to protect the dignity and comfort of the client

  • Asking or answering questions- It is encouraged that LMT’s and clients maintain a healthy working flow of communication to ensure the safety and comfort of the client. This means that the therapist may ask questions to gauge the client’s comfort or answer questions throughout the session that the client brings up. 

  • A therapist should prioritize “Do no harm”- this may result in the therapist ending a session early, choosing not to work on a particular area, or otherwise adjusting the service to ensure the safety of the client.

  • No cellphones/tablets- for client confidentiality and privacy reasons the therapist and client are not to use cellphones or other technology that may record conversation or images during the session. If the client answers a call during the session, the therapist will ask for the call to end and will stop service in the event that it does not. This is in accordance with state law as much as for client safety. 

INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR-  At no point will illicit or sexually suggestive behavior be tolerated at Ideal Massage. Such behavior from a client will result in the termination of the session early and may result in the client being banned from services if the behavior is recurring. In the event the client feels a therapist has engaged in such behavior, we advise clients to end the session and inform the front desk manager of any and all concerns.

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