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Finding your favorite work space, has never been so easy...

As a family owned business, Ideal Massage strives to offer a safe and friendly work environment that is compassionate and professional. Dawn Langley, one of our Owners, is an active LMT herself. She started Ideal Massage with the goal to help people in the community to achieve a holistic wellness of being. Underlying that, is her commitment to improve the lives and work environment for the LMT's who come to work for us. She is devoted to helping you achieve your long term LMT goals whether you are looking for a forever job or looking to start your own business. 

Our diverse team of skilled LMT's provides a unique experience to our clients. Our commitment to a simplified massage experience for our clients where you, the LMT, can utilize your full skill set to customize the massage alleviates stress on our team and helps you to perform the way you want to perform. As a 1099 employee, you have complete control over your schedule and gives you the true flexibility you have been looking for. 

And there are no hidden fees! We don't charge our therapists for client payment methods or charge for supplies. We provide what you need, when you need it. Simple as that. In addition, we provide unique benefits to our therapists to assist with the cost of CEU classes as well as self care. 

If you are interested in learning more about our open Licensed Massage Therapist positions at either location, you can send us an email at or submit an application using the link below. 

Massage therapist and client consulting
man getting a massage by a pool

To hear about our current hiring needs, please call (813)609-0444.

Rate of Pay

   Ideal Massage offers a competitive rate of pay per service hour worked. No calculating percentages or guessing at fees. A set rate helps to keep things simple and reliable. 

   We also offer differential pay for working weekday evenings (4pm-7pm) and weekends. 

Pay range for weekday is $30-$45 /hr plus gratuity. Pay range for nights & Weekends  $35-$50 an hour plus gratuity.  

In addition, Ideal Massage offers direct deposit for pay disbursement.


   We know how hard you work and the fees and expenses that make it more challenging. Ideal Massage offers unique benefits to LMT's to make working in our industry a little easier. 

   Prioritize self-care with generous company discounts on massages and gift certificates.

Offer 67% discount ($40/hr) towards services self care).

Plus, we offer 50% Friends & Family discount too.

We offer Ideal credits that can be used toward services, product, reimbursements and CEU's.


  Open 7 days a week.  Monday - Friday 10-7pm & Sat & Sun 10-5pm.  Make your own schedule.  Monitor your schedule from anywhere with our software and making changes is easy. Get notified via text for client updates- know when your clients have booked, cancelled, or arrived to their appointments. 

   Keep track of your pay, availability, and scheduled appointments all in one easy to use app. 

Job description

We have a pretty standard job description. Therapists are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and set up of their rooms, tools, and appearance. 

To see a copy of our latest job description, see below. 

Client Experience

   At Ideal Massage we care about the client experience and are committed to delivering the full length of service. This means a 60 minute massage is 60 minutes of client time on the table. We book each appointment with a 15 minute recovery time for our LMTs.

While we absolutely do everything we can to deliver the ideal experience to clients, it remains our goal to do so in such a way as to not sacrifice the LMT. We know how difficult the job can be at times and we support therapists in making tough decisions to deliver a safe client experience.  

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