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Tuning Fork Therapy and Massage

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

A new service at Ideal Massage of Wesley Chapel

Written by: Vik Wiggins

Wednesday, June 14th, 2023

When you think of massage, what do you picture? It might be an image of a dimly lit room with different oils and lotions. Maybe you have a picture of the type of techniques the therapist would use.

What about sound? We probably all have an idea of what calming spa music sounds like. It's probably a new age playlist with occasional nature sounds or flutes.

But what about sound as a tool for massage?

Tuning fork therapy utilizes the strong vibrations of sound to cleanse the mind and body. These long fork like instruments are struck to induce a vibration that results in a singular resonating note very similar to what you might experience with a singing bowl.

You may be familiar with the use of singing bowls in massage or energy work. When placed on the body, singing bowls can produce a broad and more generalized feeling of vibration through the body. In contrast, weighted tuning forks can be used on the the body to provide a stronger feeling of vibration to a smaller focal point, usually near joints.

But that's not the only way tuning forks can be used. Massage therapists can also utilize them in a no-contact treatment that allows the mind and body to respond to sound alone. This gentle, but powerful, method is used to clear blockages impeding the body's natural flow of energy. The sound flows through the body stimulating the cells, tissues, and nervous system to return you to health and harmony.

Tuning forks have been used for the treatment of chronic pain, exhaustion, headaches, digestive problems, emotional trauma, joint pain/stiffness as well as other conditions.

The perfect compliment to any massage or on it's own, tuning fork therapy can elevate your experience and may help you to achieve a new level of relaxation and calm. Break away from your regular massage routine and try a new way to let go of stress and tension.


This service is currently available at our Wesley Chapel Location and may not be available with all therapists. For questions about this service and how to book, please call us.


Disclaimer: The statements written above were not reviewed by the FDA or any regulatory authority. Tuning Fork Therapy may not be an appropriate treatment for all clients. Consult a medical professional to see if massage therapy and tuning fork therapy are right for you. This article was written by an employee of Ideal Massage for Ideal Massage.

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