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 Births and Beyond

Doula Services & Placenta Specialist

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Slay Bay Beauty

Simply Slay!

Bath, Beauty, & Body products to make you feel your best!

Hi, I'm Joelle and I'm a 14 year old entrepreneur. Since I was a child I have dealt with eczema flare-ups and dry patches on my skin. I would never wear shorts because of the dark marks on my legs. I felt so insecure about my skin especially my legs.


I know firsthand how difficult it is to find products that keep my skin smooth, have natural ingredients, and make me feel my best. That's why I created, Slay Bay Beauty.

I started my entrepreneurship journey at 6 and I've always wanted to help people like me to feel confident - to Slay. I researched this special formula for over a year and it's helped so many people to have smooth, soft, and silky skin