Britain Kerr, LMT graduated from Everest in 2014. Specialties: Neuromuscular Therapies, including Trigger Point Therapy, pre and post-sports massage techniques, Muscle Energy Techniques. Received extensive training in Anatomy and Kinesiology, Hydrotherapy, Aromatherapy & Prenatal Massage. MA#76643.

Lisa Sirois, LMT
Lisa became a massage therapist during a crossroads in her career life 20 years ago. Lisa immediately developed a passion for the work and has been doing it ever since! She specializes in Myofascial Release Massage, which slowly penetrates deep into the connective tissue making for a more comfortable and effective deep massage for the recipient. Lisa also offers deep tissue massage, Swedish Massage, chair massage, prenatal, TMJ, Reflexology and Geriatric massage. License# 29740

Sheila Spradlin. LMT graduated in 2007 from Florida Metropolitan University.  I’ve also been teaching massage for the last 3 years at the Beauty & Health Institute.  My training is in Swedish, deep tissue, sports, Ashiatsu, Hot Stone, Lymphatic Drainage Technique and Reflexology.   License#: MA49668 

Amanda Birt, LMT graduated from Everest in 2013. She offers Hot stone. Reflexology, body scrubs, Swedish, Relaxation and chair massages. She does anywhere from a 30 minute to a 2 hour massage. She focuses on each client’s needs and no massage is the same. She got into massage because she enjoys making people feel their best.
License # MA74349 

Connie Didiano, LMT
Connie graduated in 2017 from Everest . She became a massage therapist to help people improve their quality of life. Also, to help holistically instead of using prescriptions. She approaches her clients in setting up a plan to improve areas of focus. She offers Hot Stone, sports massage, cupping, chair massage, deep tissue, relaxation and body scrubs. License#90015
Yashira Nieves, LMT graduated from Cortiva Institute in 2017. She specialize in Therapeutic, Swedish & Chair Massage. Great with Trigger Point Therapy and deep pressure.
License #MA88692
Samaria Parris, LMT graduated from Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences in New York in 2011. My massage therapy sessions are centered around my clients preference to insure that they are comfortable. My training is in Swedish relaxation, deep tissue & Prenatal. My hope at the end of each of my sessions with you is that you feel a whole lot better than when you first came in. License # MA92121
Melissa Kob, LMT – I am a licensed massage therapist in Florida and Colorado.
I graduated from USF with my Bachelor’s degree in 1994 and pursued a career in the healthcare industry. One day, I realized, I had lost touch with my true passion along the way. I was sitting in meeting and working on projects. My true passion is to help people and make a difference in their lives. So I went back to school and graduated from the Healing Arts Institute in Ft. Collins, CO in June 2018.
Someone asked me the other day, what is my favorite kind of massage to give? I thought about it a minute and said as long as the client leaves having the massage they needed and asked for….then that is my favorite massage. Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy, Relaxation, Cupping or a little bit of each. I want to give you the massage you deserve.
License # MA93508

Lauren Beaver,LMT recent Cortiva graduate 2017, looking to help people heal in the most relaxing way possible. Certified modalities include: Swedish/Relaxation, Myofascial, & Neuromuscular therapies. License MA88316

Rebecca Burns, LMT
graduated from Bene’s International School. She became a Massage Therapist becauseI she desired a career where she could bring relaxation and pain relief to others and that would also allow her to be invoked in a positive career. She offers Chair Massage, Sports Massage, Lomi Lomi, Myofacial Release, and Trigger Point. MA#77839

India Kerr, LMT graduated from Everest in 2014. Specialties: Neuromuscular Therapies, including Trigger Point Therapy, pre and post-sports massage techniques, Muscle Energy Techniques. Received extensive training in Anatomy and Kinesiology, Hydrotherapy, Aromatherapy & Prenatal Massage. MA#76720

Rebecca Katz, LMT graduated from Bene’s Career Academy in New Port Richey, FL in 2013. I have worked since graduation at a popular spa in Wesley Chapel and Lutz, as well as my mobile massage business. I also worked with with a popular Chiropractor and learned more about injuries and their mechanisms. I specialize in pain and overall injuries. Special modalities include but not limited to: Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, prenatal, sports, lymphatic, & Reiki. I have worked with all kinds of professionals and their specific trouble areas from their work. I love athletes of any sport and level. I have learned and crafted my massage to make it your best massage ever. I have my Esthetician and Nail Technician license. I also have my B.A.S. in Alternative Medicine and as Valedictorian in 2019. I am currently working towards my Doctorate of Oriental Medicine (Acupuncture). You’re in excellently trained and capable hands that keep perfecting the skill of healing. Helping people to feel and be their best is my passion and I strive to achieve this everyday. Success is never owned. It is rented and rent is due everyday! License # MA73725 

Meghan Timko
Meghan became licensed in the state of Florida 5 years ago, after an intensive dual licensing curriculum at the Aveda Institute in Clearwater, Fl. She is passionate about helping her clients reduce stress in their lives, gain greater range of motion for sports and daily activities, and to live a life without aches and pain. Continuing education is a priority for Meghan – focusing on the therapeutic health benefits of massage therapy for her clients, treating the body as a whole in order to bring balance to their lives. Meghan has experience over the past 5 years working with NFL players, former Olympians, Minor League Baseball players, Body builders, Veterans and casual athletes. She specializes in Therapeutic Deep Tissue, that incorporates techniques from myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, trigger point therapy and facilitated stretching. Of course she also does fantastic Swedish therapy for those looking for a comforting, relaxing massage MA #73298

Desiree Fay, LMT graduate from Cortiva Institute in 2019. I once read, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Until I became a Licensed Massage Therapist, I had no idea what that quote meant. I believe therapeutic massage helps the mind, body, and spirit. Having balance of these three entities is an important key to overall health. I feel privileged in helping others bring balance back to their lives. I am certified in Swedish/ relaxation, Neuromuscular deep work to get rid of knots built up over time, and myofascial with specialty training in prenatal and Ashiatsu barefoot massage. License MA#91890
Maria Perales, LMT
Maria Perales-Nieto
I have a BA in Arts and retired from the federal government. I always had a desire and passion to help people and their wellness so I decided to study Massage Therapy as a second career and graduated from Altierus Career College of Tampa. I am also certified as an Esthetician from Bene’s Academy in Newport Richey, Fl. I am a Clinical Aromatherapist certified instructor. I specialize in Swedish, Relaxation, Trigger Point, and Oncology massage. I am certified in “Touch for Health” – a brand of alternative and complementary of Kinesiology therapy. I continue to expand my horizons by learning more about massage therapy techniques. License # 92787
Yarilis Santa, LMT graduated from Everest University for Florida License Massage Therapist. Specialties: Therapeutic & Swedish Massage, neuromuscular therapy (trigger point therapy) Chair, Geriatric & Scrubs. Yari has always been a giver, making people smile & feel better, what better way than to help someone destress and feel completely renewed than through massage. Yari’s clients is always her focus. Anything they need to get them feeling amazing again. MA#90775
Kerry Cone, LMT
Graduated from a North Carolina massage school 6 years ago. Owned my own practice for 5 years until I moved to Florida. Currently specializing in deep tissue, geriatric, hot stone massage, myofacial release, energy healing, therapeutic, and Swedish massages. License #MA95293

Yoko Hunt, LMT graduated from Suncoast II in 2005. Both of her parents are massage therapist. I guess it’s in her blood. Yoko has a true natural gift. Specialize: Deep Tissue, Sports, Relaxation Swedish, Trigger Point, Ashiatsu and cupping.
License # MA#44217. Works Friday 3-8

Nicole Lamar, LMT graduated from Everest in 2005.  She has over ten years experience being a massage therapist. Her expertise consist of two years chiropractic care, sports, TMJ, trigger point therapy, oncology, deep tissue, table top Thai (form of stretching) and healing in Fibromyalgia massage. Nicole customizes each massage to fulfill the clients needs and to release the muscle and tissue effectively MA#50361 
Sarah Peters, LMT graduated from Bene’s Career Academy with a dual license in Massage & Skin Care in 2018. Ever since I was young, I always had a desire to help people. It wasn’t until my mom injured herself that I discovered the true effect massage could have on somebody. I decided from that moment on I wanted to become a therapist so I can do my part in creating an experience where people can forget about their pain and worries, at least for a little bit.
I graduated from Bene’s Career Academy in 2018
with both my Massage license, and my Esthetician license.
Sarah specializes in Therapeutic, Relaxation, Lomi Lomi, Prenatal, Hot Stones, Sports and Chair massage.
License #91957

Hannah Chase, LMT graduated from Bene’s in May of 2018. She is certified in Swedish massage & Lymphatic Drainage. Ma#90257 

Michael Lanier, LMT graduated from Virginia college in 2016. He is certified in deep tissue, prenatal, Swedish, trigger point and stretching. He specializes in deep tissue and thoracic massages (neck, shoulder, upper and lower back) He also offers Hot stone massage. MA# 90055 
Michelle Sheffer, LMT – Graduated from Central Maryland School of Massage January 2016. Massage has become a way to cope with our busy lives. It’s necessary in order for us to function at our optimum level. Seeing clients leave with a different energy is the Best. Massage may be combination of Swedish, Therapeutic, Sports, Relaxation, TMJ & Cranio-facial MPD (myofascial pain dysfunction) License# MA85715
Collin Walker, LMT – Practicing Massage Therapy since 2011. Trained and certified in Swedish, Deep tissue, Sports, Trigger Point Therapy, Hot Stone, Full Body Scrubs, TMJ, Prenatal, Thai and Medical Myotherapy. License Massage Therapist License # MA65276